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What is Rolfing?

Let's start with the basic question about this practice--what is Rolfing? Rolfing is a form of bodywork that systematically works through the body to achieve alignment and create more movement where it had been inhibited. This looks and may feel like a deep tissue massage. The differences are that Rolfing is focused on connective tissue (fascia), and that client participation is essential. After I observe the structure of a client, standing and walking, I determine where I may see potentially "stuck" spots. My work begins in the structural and functional relationships I see to those spots. Unlike massage, I do not do a predetermined regiment of bodywork strokes, rather I use my sense of touch to locate issues and treat them. This may not look like uniform work, but it IS uniform to what I see the body needs.

During sessions, I often ask clients to take a deep breath, move a certain way, and keep me informed on the quality of my touch. It's important to keep a dialog because I need to know if I am working too deep too fast, or if my client is uncomfortable. This is a very personable type of work, so I need to know if I am creating unbearable pain that is unnecessary. I don't believe pain is required in order to create opportunity for change. Each body is different and change originates from different spaces for each one. I just want to introduce and facilitate the change needed to find a healthy balance.

For more information about what Rolfing is, this website gives a brief history and discription:

And here is a wonderful video showing a quick demonstration by Libby Eason:

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